Class Dress Attire

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Proper Dance Attire

Although the style of dancewear varies according to genre, it is important that clothing is made with lightweight, breathable, and stretchy fabrics which provide dancers with comfort and freedom of movement. Proper dancewear is also an important part of discipline in the study of dance.

Ballet Jazz/Lyrical Tap
Proper dance attire for ballet includes a leotard, wrap-around ballet skirt or spandex/lycra shorts, tights, and split-sole ballet slippers. Dance wear should fit properly and hair should be pulled back into a bun. Pre-Pointe and Pointe students must consult with instructor before beginning pointe or buying shoes. Jazz/Lyrical attire essentials generally consist of a leotard or form fitting top with stretchy pants or shorts, and comfortable, soft leather dance shoes. Foot Paws are acceptable. Tights are optional but encouraged as they help to prevent muscle injuries. Hair should be pulled back, out of the face, and secure. Proper tap shoes should be worn to class each week to in order to understand the class instruction. Students may wear comfortable clothing that does not distract from the tap shoes, i.e. no baggy pants or loose shoelaces. Hair should be pulled back and secure.
Hip Hop Contortion
Hip hop dance students may wear baggier, loose fitting clothes such as sweats, gym shorts, jackets, hats, etc. Dancers typically wear tennis shoes or street shoes. Keeping muscles safe is large factor in proper flexibility technique. Students should wear clothing that is fitted to the body, such as a leotard, unitard, athletic wear, or fitted t-shirt. During warm up, students should wear something to keep back muscles warm, such as a sweatshirt or a fleece or wool back warmer. Hair should be pulled back, out of the face, and secure.

Do I Need A Dance Bag?

For practical purposes, having a bag to carry your dance items is essential for staying organized. It is also a great way to show your studio spirit! Decorate your bag with pins from competitions, a MLPAC studio patch, and fun key chains! Items like hair clips, hair ties, an exercise band, deodorant, and a change of dance clothes are great to carry in your bag at all times.